Councilman Keith Waring sitting on a bench

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Step Right Up… and Enjoy City Paper’s Carnival of Endorsements – Charleston City Paper

We need more people like Waring on City Council: neither cynical nor naive. Take for instance his stance on bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. As a proud owner of a racing bike with curly handlebars, he has a vested interest in making the roads safer for bicyclists. But he is no anti-automotive zealot. The ideals are still there, but the goals are modest enough to be within reach.

That doesn’t sound exciting, true, but City Council is no place for radical politicking. Waring seems to have his priorities straight, and projects like fixing the Crosstown sit near the top of his list. “The glitzy projects we all like,” he told us in his interview, “but sometimes we need to take care of some infrastructure.”

Like us, he is none too keen on the millions being allocated for projects like the Gaillard Auditorium and the mostly superficial improvements on the Crosstown.

Source: Step right up… and enjoy City Paper’s carnival of endorsements – Charleston City Paper

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