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WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCBD) – The plan to redevelop an empty lot along Sumar Street in West Ashley took another turn this week.  

“It’s very frustrating cause it’s been a six-year process. We like to think our elected officials want to put their best foot forward,” said Ed Sutton, a resident in West Ashley.

Last month, Charleston City Council reviewed three different proposals for the empty lot which used to be home to a Piggly Wiggly before it’s demolition in 2018.

Option one featured an underground parking garage, a civic center, and other mixed-use development. It was also the option with the most support from community members who attended past public meetings.

“I am a fan of the underground parking because that allows the maximum amount of surface space available for families,” Sutton told News 2.

The project was deferred to the city’s Community Development Committee, who met on Thursday. The members voted four to three to develop another option, which proposes a civic center and green space.“It’s hard to think of something less exciting and inspiring and dynamic for the revitalization of West Ashley than a government building and a park between the most dangerous intersection in West Ashley,” said Councilman Ross Appel after he voted no to option four.

Meanwhile, Councilman Keith Waring, who voted against option one, was in support of the new plan.

“West Ashley has waited decades to have a sizeable portion of money to make improvements, come its way. And the overwhelming amount of funding would’ve been placed underground. And there’s so many more beautification projects that need to be done above the ground,” Waring said.

Source: Residents and leaders react to changing Sumar Street plans | WCBD News 2

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