Councilman Keith Waring sitting on a bench

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Some of the major issues and initiatives that I advocated and voted for during my tenure include the following:

Alleviate Flooding

  • Forest Park Drainage Phase 1 (completed)
  • Forest Park Drainage Phase 2 (to be completed March 2024)
  • Led the fight to apply for the $22.5 million grant from the state of SC to complete funding for the Septima Clark Drainage Project

Neighborhood Parks

  • Create a dock and picnic shelter in the Ardmore Subdivision in coordination with the Clemson University School of Architecture
  • Support funding for the Community Garden in the Ardmore Subdivision
  • Carr-Richardson Waterfront Park (dedicated February 2023)

Construction Projects

  • International African American Museum, IAAM (opened June 2023)
  • Funding to support the construction of a new Forensic Crime Lab in West Ashley (opened February 2021)
  • Construction of the new Fire Station 11 on Savanah Highway (opened August 2021)
  • Construction of the Waring Senior Center (opened March 2019)
  • The New Charleston Gaillard Center (completed October 2015)

Re-Energize the Citadel Mall

  • Rezone the Citadel Mall area to promote revitalization and boost the economy in West Ashley (ongoing project)

Workforce and Affordable Housing

  • Affordable housing at Grace Homes
  • Funding to expand the homeless shelter
  • Lead the way for Charleston Public Works (CPW) to work as Partners with the City of Charleston to facilitate the development of workforce housing

Financial Skills

  • I have worked diligently on the Budget Ad Hoc Committee for the City of Charleston to ensure that we have a balanced budget every year during my tenure
  • Funding for the Racial Bias Audit of the City of Charleston Police Department
  • Fought for and finally secured tourism dollars (hospitality tax and accommodations sales tax) to fund much needed improvements in West Ashley