Councilman Keith Waring sitting on a bench

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The following are some of the issues that Councilmember Waring will continue to fight for on behalf of District Seven:

East Oak Forest (Phase 3)

Recently added to District 7. Approximately $14 million is needed to alleviate the flooding and drainage problem. I will fight to secure the funds for the required drainage solutions.

Dupont Wappoo Drainage Basin Project

This critical project will solve the drainage problems for Orleans Woods, Ardmore, Sherwood Forest, The Woodlands, and the Citadel Mall (among other areas). The drainage project will require approximately $12-13 million to complete. The City of Charleston has the resources to fund this, and I will fight to secure the dollars for this project.

West Ashley TIF

This TIF focuses on beautifying the Gateway to the West Ashley Corridor, near the birthplace of the State of SC. I will fight for funding to upgrade the Gateway from the North Bridge to the Citadel Mall. This project will require partnering with the landowners in this area.

I will also work for a bike path and pedestrian crosswalk along the Sam Rittenberg Corridor.

Affordable Housing

I will work with colleagues on City Council to collaborate with the County and School District to use idle, vacant lands for affordable housing that helps support the workforce, including schoolteachers, first responders, nurse aids, and other similar professions.


I will work to complete a Stono River Waterfront Park in West Ashley, support the construction of a city civic center in West Ashley, and increase bike and pedestrian pathways throughout the main corridors of West Ashley.

East Oak Forest

Continue fighting for $14million needed to alleviate the flooding and drainage problem in East Oak Forest; the neighborhood that was recently added to District 7.

Forest Park

The work to secure funding for Phase 3 of the Forest Park Drainage Project (for East/West Oak Forest, Orleans Woods, Ardmore, Sherwood Forest) will continue.

West Ashley Entrance

Beautification of entrance to the West Ashley Corridor near the birthplace of the State of South Carolina.

Workforce Housing

Councilman Waring will continue to seek opportunities to increase the availability in workforce housing.

Sam Rittenberg

A bike path and pedestrian crosswalk along the Sam Rittenberg Corridor.


A multi-purpose arena or civic center with more public parks.